Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will it cost?

We can sometimes ballpark an estimate. But, to get an accurate estimate, we must inspect the vehicle. Some issues are very easy to estimate, but other issues, like drivability, intermittent issues and emissions failures can be very complex. You should be cautious with over the phone estimates for a variety of reasons.

How long will it take?

Most maintenance and repairs get done in a single day. Depending on parts availability, workload and other factors, some repairs can go into the next day or even longer.

What is your warranty?

Greg’s Automotive and Greg’s Automotive Helix offer a 2 year, 24000 miles nationwide warranty. We don’t offer any warranty for abuse and there are other exceptions. We use the best parts and our techs are well trained and certified is why we can offer our warranty.

Do you have a shuttle? Are there loaner cars available?

Yes, we have a shuttle available for rides within about 5 miles. Our shuttle begins running at 7:00 AM until about 4:30 PM. There is usually a very short wait for a ride.

We do not offer loaner cars but may in the future. Enterprise Car Rentals offer free pickup and delivery and our clients get special pricing from them.

What kind and year model vehicles do you work on?

We work on most makes and models, excluding some exotics. Greg’s Helix has a Euro specialist. Each shop has techs that will work on older vehicles. Both shops do smog check on 2000 and newer vehicles, both are certified to do repairs and Greg’s in El Cajon is certified to do 1999 and back vehicles and is a Gold Shield certified station. The older a vehicle is, parts are often difficult to locate and get. So some repair times on older vehicles take longer.

Will you work on my diesel pickup?

Yes. We have one of those rare individuals that has extensive diesel experience with Ford, GM and Ram trucks. We have a wide range of the special tools needed and the heavy duty lifts needed to safely lift your vehicle. Diesel passenger cars are also something we see.

What about hybrids and electric cars?

We have the special high voltage tools if ever needed. We have found that most issues with these vehicles are also common to “normal” vehicles.So they usually don’t present us with problems to maintain or repair.

When I bring my car to you, do you check the tire pressures?

Yes, we do. That service is done on every vehicle that comes through our shop. Besides it being required by the State, we realized long ago that if we didn’t check tire pressures, nobody would. Also, when a vehicle comes in our shop for maintenance or repair, under hood fluids and rubber are visually checked. When doing an oil service or any service that requires lifting your vehicle, we complete a 30 point inspection of it. We do this as a convenience to you to help keep your ride dependable, stopping and running well.

Can I bring my own parts?

In most circumstances, no. Occasionally, especially with older vehicles, an online source may be the only way to get parts. We won’t install customer supplied parts, because fit and quality can become a very large issue very quickly. When a part arrives and it is wrong, our service bay is blocked until the correct parts arrives. If, in the rare instance when we do use your parts, our normal warranty is no longer valid. The only guarantee we offer in those circumstances is the part is installed.

Do you offer partial payments or credit?

Our shop policy is the bank lends money, we fix cars. But, we do offer a Synchrony Bank line of credit. The application is filled out online and you get a response very quickly. This can be done in the privacy of your home. The interest rate is reasonable and the card can be used in many different types of automotive stores and shops and gas stations. They also offer promotions and 6 months same as cash, also.

Do you do alignments?

Yes, we do wheel alignments. Our machines are a little old fashioned, but they are accurate, calibrated and checked often. Our El Cajon shop is getting the equipment in place to do long wheelbase vehicles and light trucks, also. Most alignment lifts are too short for the long trucks.

How often should I change my oil?

The oil change interval varies greatly by the actual configuration of the engine, how you use it, how much you drive in what conditions, conventional oil, synthetic blends or full synthetic. The one thing that is certain is that the manufacturers want you to stretch those intervals out. That makes the car seem cheap to maintain, but in most automotive professional’s opinions, shortens the life of the vehicle. We believe that the free maintenance by the dealer should be punctuated by you getting additional services on your own.